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A blog is a perfect way to make money online if you are looking to make extra money. First, to make money from home with your own blog, you need to think of a topic or niche that you would like to write about. Write about a topic that you find interesting and that you believe has a potential to grab a reader’s attention. If you like exercise then you might plan a blog about exercise strategies. Maybe you have a unique hobby that you enjoy, such as photography or traveling. You can write about anything you want but you should be sure that what you are writing about is a popular subject.

If you want to know what people are interested in, create a Google AdWords account so that you can see what search terms people are using to search for things they are interested in, and you will see how many times that phrase or term has been used in a month. You may find that a topic you find interesting is not as interesting to others. Next, start creating blog posts on a regular basis in order to earn money online. Try to write at least one blog post every day. Index your blog with Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. You can index your blog by doing a search for “Yahoo add url” or “Google add url”. Each search engine will guide you through the process of indexing your blog. Another fast way to get your blog posts indexed quickly is to bookmark your blog posts with social networking sites such as Reddit, Fark, Digg, and Mixx.There are tons of sites to bookmark your posts at. Just do a search on “bookmarking sites” and you will find places to bookmark your blog posts.

To start earning cash you will need to sign up with Google AdSense so that you can make money from ads on your blog. When you do this you make money every time someone clicks on an ad on your blog. You can also make money on your blog by promoting affiliate products. You can make money by promoting someone else’s products. When someone reddit accounts for sale a product that you promote you will earn a percentage of the profits.To receive free blogging resources and learn how to turn a blog into a profitable way to make money online, check out the resource link at the bottom.

Link building is beneficial not only for SEO purposes but can also increase the number of daily unique visitors to your website. Using such techniques as linkwheels, article submission and social bookmarking, you can increase your website’s popularity and ranking with the major search engines as well sending more people to review your website.

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